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Loại: wood milling machine
Product Information


Outstanding Features:

  1. Built with two tables for higher efficiency operations.
  2. High production rate up to 12 pcs per minute.
  3. Pneumatically operated table longitudinal traverse.
  4. Adjustable tenoning width.
  5. The tenon without removing the door, depth can be conveniently adjusted.
  6. Table tilts 20°.
  7. Movable table to save time, and speed can be variable adjustment.
  8. Convenient setup of tenon directions at horizontal, vertical and 45°.
  9. Miter gauge provided on the table allows for cutting bevel tenons.
  10. Oil bushings on the table support and the disk.
  11. Centralized control panel provides convenient operations.
  12. Designed for producing various types of tenon.
  13. Variable table feed speed suits various types of wood material.
Convenient Setup Of Tenon Direction
  • Three tenon directions at horizontal, vertical and 45° can be fast changed by turning the positioning disk.
    A mechanical meter is provided for high accuracy adjustment of tenon sizes.
Oilless Bushings:
  • Eliminates the use of lubricator, the table support and the disk are equipped with oilless bushings. Manufactured from high tensile copper alloy for long service life, these bushings also feature impact resistance and maximum wear resistance.
Disk Speed Controlled by Frequency Inverter (Optional)
  • When requested, a frequency inverter can be applied to control disk speed. It permits variable speed adjustment for various type of wood material. This device is recommanded when cutting plywood, MDF, and easily cracked panel.
24T Helical Cutterhead (optional)

1. Excellent for all soft and hard wood materials.
2. 360º cutting.
3. Fine chips.
4. No tearing.
5. Forced chip removing to eliminate repeated cutting.
6. Low noise, long service life, insert life up to 120 days.
7. 5 years warranty.

Cutterhead Structure (Standard)

1. Suitable for medium hardness wood materials.
2. Production rate 12 pcs per minute.
3. Tearing may occur when applying for high hardness wood materials.
4. Sharpening frequency is 6-7 days of operation.

Variable Cutter Feed Speed
  • The machine employs two speed regulator knobs to adjust the table feed forward and backward speeds. Variable feed speeds makes the machine ideal for cutting hard and soft wood.
Spindle speed 6000 R.P.M.
Maximum tenon width 115+2R mm
Minimum tenon depth
with standard tool 10~45 mm
with special tools 6~90 mm
production rate 12 pcs/min.
Table tilt
upward 0~15°
downward 0~30°
Side 0~20°
Spindle motor 5HP
Cutter cycle motor 1HP
Net weight 1100 kgs
Gross weight 1200 kgs
Machine size 1760x1150x1320 mm
Packing size 1870x1240x1620 mm



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